Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some Thoughts...

November 30th, about 11:30 p.m., I sat in my living room and thought...tomorrow they'll start reading.

TOMORROW THEY'LL START READING!!!! Oh my goodness. Are you kidding me?

I started wondering (okay, WORRYING) about what people would think when they picked up the book for the first time. Would they like it? Would they keep reading?

God was very nice to me and let me bump into someone about 7:55 a.m. on December 1...and he told me he'd read chapter one at breakfast and was very impressed. I was enormously relieved! Since then...I've started getting some feedback. Thought I'd share a little of it with you!

(After telling my sweet friend Ronda about my freak-out fest the night before...) Freak out not needed….Day 1 was absolutely wonderful. I’m looking forward to this, another journey with you, very much!! - Ronda

Several in my office starting reading today, too. All I can say is “good stuff." I wanted to keep reading, but I think I will re-read day one later this afternoon to make sure that I did not miss anything. You are so very talented and you should consider your writing a true gift. Jenny (my Monday lunch date who has also been a huge champion of the book among her friends!)

I guess it was a bad idea to do my reading - and marking thereof- at the breakfast table this morning. I have apparently given Esther the idea that your book falls into the "ok to write in" category. At some point today when I wasn't watching, she marked her favorite portions of day two. (In case you're wondering, she highlighted the words "angel's visit" and "Toddler!" – Julie C.

I finished reading His Advent. I have to admit that I read it through, and not as a devotional---that I am waiting for the Advent! The queries that you pose are thought provoking and understandable for a person in this time and space, and makes the Advent a more timeless experience. Congratulations on an excellent achievement---the Spirit led life in which you live is most evident. – Jennifer

L-O-V-E today's reading! You have such a way of painting the picture, I feel like I was there too! Awesome!!! - Julie C. (This completely warmed my heart - it's exactly what I hoped people would feel when they read!

I have started your book. Three days in and loving it already! – Jonathan C.

I just finished the pages for today in your book and I really like it. I read yesterday's and then this morning in choir we were singing a song about Mary and I was immediately reminded of what I read yesterday. Certain things you’ve written I can totally see you saying. – Megan N. (This was a huge compliment. Megan is a teenager in my church!)

Your book came today and I sat down and ready the 1st two days - Bekah - you are so extremely gifted. WOW! It was with tears in my eyes that I closed this book knowing that I NEEDED IT this season. Thank you for speaking God's words to me during this busy, crazy season - I can't wait to sit daily and devour what you have written. I am sending an email to my homeschool mommas right now telling them all about your book -- it is amazing! – Jami J. (Back in the day, when I was a demonstrator for Stampin' Up!, Jami was my upline. I am aware that my days of stamp selling have helped me with the marketing side of this adventure!)

Really enjoying your book so far!! - Molly.

Are you focusing on the real reason for Christmas or are you getting bogged down in the craziness of the season? It's so easy to do! I am blessed to be reading a new Advent book that I would LOVE to recommend to all my friends -- it is called HIS ADVENT: Still His Greatest Gift by Rebekah Freelan - Thanks Bekah for blessing life and touching my heart this CHRISTmas season! - Jami (from above) put this as her Facebook status the day she got the book. Thanks, Jami!)

The evening of December 1st, I put as my Facebook status, "couch + fireplace + fleece blanket + Christmas tree = happiness." And Randy (the father of one of my students) commented + His Advent for a little reflective reading and a friend from work, Cindy, added Yes! And your devo book. Loving it!!! I loved those affirmations! Thanks, guys!

At Jesus' birth Joseph "declared simultaneously to his Father & Son that this was Immanuel....when Jesus arrives, He brings a life we cannot envision."
Rebekah Freelan
I was quoted in a Facebook status! Ronda listed this after reading day two.

I'm enjoying your Advent book! You have such a reflective quality, and through all of your questions, it's sparked my own reflection! - Jody (who published her first novel with Bethany House Publishers this year!)

And friend Kari sent me this picture:

She and her mom go on an annual shopping trip with two of their friends, and this year, the four of them used my book as their shopping trip devotional! :) Love it!

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