Friday, December 3, 2010

Chapel Pike Book Signing

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, I went to my old church, Chapel Pike Wesleyan, to be at their Thanksgiving lunch and sign books. It was so great to see everyone again!

Right now, they have to hold their all-church gatherings at an elementary school cafeteria, because the church doesn't have a room large enough to hold everyone. (Just explaining the decor you're about to see!)

This is my friend, Cheryl. She and her husband, John, did so much to help me when I was first out on my own! They were the first Habitat for Bekah crew! They helped me paint rooms and hang blinds and put together furniture. Never ever could have made it without them!

This is Karen and her daughter, Kaitlin. I met Karen when I taught the ladies Bible study at Chapel Pike. Kaitlin came with her sometimes. Karen told me Kaitlin bought the book with her own money!!

Kaitlin and her book! (And seriously...she's that tall next to me while I'm wearing HEELS???)

It was great to be in church with Faith again. We were pew buddies when I went there before, so I got to sit with her again. :)

Wanna hear a funny? The church bulletin said "His Advent: Still His Greatest Gift by Rebekah J. Freelan, is available in the foyer for $10." One of my friends told me after church that she was reading that announcement when she got distracted by something. She'd read just as far as the title before she got distracted, so when she resumed reading, this is what she saw: "Rebekah J. Freelan is available in the foyer for $10." I laughed so hard!!!

Ever the professional.

Here I am with Laura Plummer...who was one of my crafting buddies last weekend!

CAIL!!! (I got the wrong name on Facebook.) This is Miss Cail, who is my new buddy. She wanted to know why I was writing in books. :) Great. Hope I didn't start a bad habit.

The Birthday Boy! Mr. Joseph Holland is now FIVE years old. And when the kids shared what they were thankful can know he was most thankful to have a birthday!

Joseph's sister, Jessica, took over my camera for a while....and she found Kaleb Hutchins. He's kind of shy.

No idea. I cannot explain myself.

Brian Holland! You made the blog! How do you feel? :) Pastor Brian has been an amazing support and encouragement to me...even talking me into teaching junior high Sunday School with him back in the day! And rumor has it that last weekend, while I was crafting with his wife, he texted her "Any word on the broccoli salad being at the Thanksgiving lunch next week?" So I hope you got some, Brian!

Pastor Brian's lovely wife, Jaye. We try to coordinate whenever possible. Yesterday we were hair twins, clothing twins AND broccoli salad twins!

Marty and Lori came to my signing at the Greentown Library...but they go to Chapel Pike, too, so we had another chance to have a picture!! I seriously do have to tell you that aisle runner story from their wedding.

This is one of my new friends, Lara. I've been attending Chapel Pike's ladies Bible study this fall, because they're doing a Beth Moore study and you know how I love me some Beth Moore. Lara started coming to church there since I left, so I'm only just now meeting her! She's a sweetheart.

Remember this cuteness? Last time I saw her, she was toothless! Man I've missed her. (I am aware that my arm is freakishly freaky in this picture. But we only had so much room to work with and my camera is big.)

And her brother...who is still a cuddler. I love that.

And her OTHER brother who is one and has no interest WHATSOEVER in sitting still. Even for pictures. Perhaps ESPECIALLY for pictures.

So that was my day with the Chapel Pike gang. Thanks so much for hosting me!! Miss you guys!

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