Friday, December 3, 2010

IWU Bookstore Signing

Happy Thanksgiving! I think it's pretty appropriate that I have pictures to share with you from my last book signing...because the book is one of my greatest blessings this year. It has been a bright spot in the middle of the heartache!

This was the first time I saw my book on a shelf with other exciting!

The IWU Bookstore offered a signing to me - which I really appreciated! It was over a couple hours at lunch on Tuesday - and they put me right there at the entrance at a little table!

I had a bunch of visitors - some already had books but just came to support me, which I absolutely appreciated! This is Angi (remember her from the crafting weekend?) and her husband Greg. He works in my office. He was a good boy and wore his nametag that day. I was a rebel. Anyway. They brought me a frappe to energize me. Oh WOW was it good. The most carameled frappe I've ever had!!

Another work buddy - and great support to me this year especially! This is Kristin. She happened to have the day off and was able to come through town to see me! Thanks for making the trip up, Kristin! I miss you this week at work!

This beautiful lady was my second grade Sunday School teacher! It was in her class that I learned to look up Bible verses. She was also a HUGE support to me as I grew up - really a champion for me at church. I appreciate her so much!

Jonathan dressed up for the occasion. Okay that's a lie. He had a recital. :) But doesn't it sound good to say he dressed up just for this? He, by the way, wins the prize for being the first person to ever buy my book! He ordered it online the minute I told him it was live and ready!

These lovely ladies are my work buddies. Sandee and Tammy work next door to me in the Business Office and believe me - they put up with a LOT of stories and drama.

I love this girl! This is Judy, my work neighbor. She already had a book, but she wanted me to sign her hand and she said she'd never EVER wash it. LOL!!!!!

My Dad was manning the front door to the bookstore throughout the signing and when the IWU President wandered by, he ended up inside buying my book. Dad SAYS he came in of his own accord...goodness I hope so! :)

Speaking of are my parents with me. The book is dedicated to them! They sacrificed significantly so I could go to college to learn this craft!

Pat Travis...who works down in our Registrar's Office...and is a SWEET friend of mine. She was running behind in getting to the signing and actually called the bookstore to make sure I would stay until she got there. :) Love her!

My work has been beyond understanding this week while I've been out on book stuff. They're great and I'm so glad I had the chance to do a signing right there where I work!

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