Friday, December 3, 2010

Radio Interview on WBCL!

I am SO EXCITED to tell you about my trip to WBCL! Of course, because I live for such things, I have pictures for you. :)

Here's a little tour of my day. First of all...I got to see my name on the weekly schedule. That was pretty exciting! (Yes, I took a picture of the screen. Come know you love my quirks.)

So, that Monday morning, I left home about 8:00 (vacation days don't always equal sleep, you know) with a big mug of coffee and my attempt at a trendy outfit. Yes, I know it's radio and it doesn't matter what I wear. But you know you can do a better interview when you feel festive. It was my first time with a sweater dress. I was nervous.

The radio station was just a little over an hour away from home - and I could have done a phone interview, but I really wanted the whole experience. And my boss told me I had to go. Had to do it in person. No argument there! So I drove Larry the GPS this time. Also no printer ink at the moment, so I had my hand-copied googled directions in my lap. The bad thing about that operation is the paper doesn't say TURN HERE. So I definitely missed the turn and had to do some hunting. But I found it!!

The Mid-Morning program was actually already underway when I arrived at the studio. I was probably 3 miles away from the station when it began and I heard Lynne, the host, say my name as a guest. I screamed in the car. Yes. I did.

When I arrived, they took me back to the studio, and I got to sit right here:

Jamie, the producer, brought me a water bottle and I put on the headphones and listened to the other guests, who were all call-in interviews. I especially enjoyed the author right before me, because she also wrote a Christmas book! (She's the same author who wrote The Christmas Shoes...) And then it was my turn.
The only technical glitch was that my microphone wasn't turned on when I started talking. So if you listened on the archive and wondered what you was "Good morning." There. Now your day is complete.
This is Lynne, who interviewed me...

She was SO gracious. When it came time for me to talk, I seriously considered throwing up, but I just turned my chair to focus on her and it really felt like it was just the two of us having a conversation without the hundreds (thousands?) of people out there listening. She put me right at ease. She'd very kindly emailed me a list of possible questions the day before the interview, so I had some time to formulate responses that hopefully excluded the word "um." I really enjoyed the talk - and even though I got some extra questions I hadn't known were coming - I felt right at home answering them!

This is Jamie - who felt just like a kindred spirit. Since I was the last interview of the morning, we stood around talking for a while after, and I just loved sharing with both of them! They were so encouraging...about the interview...the sweater dress current story in life. (Lynne asked me to share a bit about the blog, so I was excited about that!)
It was so fun, after it was over, to see all the texts my friends sent to encourage me - and I had a bunch of notes on Facebook, too, so that was fun! I worry so much about over-Bekah-ing everyone this Christmas. Really do not want to do that. So to feel so loved and supported was great. (Apparently my office buddies all tuned in at their desks and got some simultaneous laughs over some of my Bekah-lines.)
It was just the best possible day. I loved being there with them, I loved the feedback they gave me, and I loved knowing God was and is at work behind the scenes of even a radio spot!
This radio station is very near to my heart. You know the six a.m. serenade?? Yep - this station! It was very special for me to be able to talk about the book on their airwaves. Thank you so much, Lynne and Jamie, for being gracious hostesses! You made my day!

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