Saturday, November 20, 2010

Greentown Book Signing!!

Had a great time last night at the Greentown Public Library book signing. Embarrassingly enough, I think this was my first time back in the library since the days of term papers and group projects. We won't mention just how many years ago that's been. :)

I was there for just an hour and got to see so many people I'd not seen in forever. Thought I'd take a minute to share them with you, too!

This is one of my very best friends from high school, Amber. (Amber was my Hershey, PA traveling buddy a summer ago, might remember her from those pictures.) Amber is one of those friends that you know God plopped down in your path very much on purpose. Our lives have traveled very similar paths in some ways and it's been great to have her as a friend on those journeys. Amber is also the talented artist who drew the picture I have in my living room that I showed in the post a few weeks ago...and she came to my signing to take pictures for me there.

This was my very first visitor. I'd never met her before, but she was one of Dad's former students. (That's a sentence that can be said OFTEN. He has lots of them!) It always surprises me when complete strangers are willing to read something I've this was a great surprise and treat for me that she came to the signing!
This is my "big brother," Barry. He and I met through work, sort of...our jobs crossed paths. Along the way, he figured out I was Dave Freelan's daughter, and wouldn't you know it...he'd been a student of Dad's too. So we struck up a friendship, and he took me in as a sister. I have really appreciated him! He's listened to LOTS of Bekahdrama.

And now we don't get the chance to talk as often, which is sad, but I REALLY appreciated that he took the time to come out and see me!

It's so weird for me to call former teachers/school workers by their first names!! Here I'm talking to Margie Bontrager, who worked in the library when I was in school, and Sheryl Dean, who was the high school secretary. (And they both still do those jobs!) Sheryl's son was in my class, too. Anyway, I was so thankful they took time to come out and see me...

When I was growing up, this sweet lady lived next door to us. She and her husband, Bob, were great sources of encouragement to me. Bob died a few years ago, and Donna ended up moving away from my parents' neighborhood, but she saw in the paper that I was going to be at the library and she surprised me!

My friends Marty and Lori and their two kids were among those in attendance as well! Marty and I met in college (had some classes together) and then he was part of the invitation committee for me to attend Chapel Pike for the years I was there. Lori was already attending Chapel Pike and they ended up getting married. (It was at their wedding that I fell through the aisle runner. Yes THROUGH the aisle runner. Great story.) Now they have these two great kids and we run into each other now and then at work or at birthday parties. I was excited that they came over!

Kaleb, their son, may be the greatest kid conversationalist I've ever met - and has always been that way since he could talk. He was perusing my picture on the back cover and decided he liked the necklace I was wearing.


Talking and signing. Oh yes. I'm a multi-tasker.

This is my good friend, Sarah. Sarah was a couple of years behind me in school, but she was a sweet friend and we enjoyed hanging out outside of school, too. Thanks to the beauty of Facebook, we've been able to stay in touch in more recent months as well. She's still a beautiful and fun friend!

Of course...Ronda!! I was so surprised to see her...didn't know that she would make the trek over just for that. I'll tell you what...this one will have a few hundred extra stars in her crown for the way she's stuck by me this year.

I did some signing...did I mention that?

And last but not least...a picture with Stefanie. She and I met during a summer when she was also a student worker in Financial Aid. She married a Greentownian and even though we don't life all that far apart...I never get to see her. I was so excited that she made it out to catch up for a few minutes!

There were others that came out as well...and I appreciated every single one so much. This, I think, is my favorite part of the whole thing. I love meeting people and seeing those I've not seen forever. So much fun!! Thanks, Greentown!