Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stuff and Things

* I am pretty excited that I sold out of my first shipment of books! So last week I called up the publisher and ordered a second shipment....and the price had gone up just a bit. So...effective immediately, the price of the book is $10 a copy. I'm sad about it, because I liked the $8 price, but I also know I have to be fair to my own purchase costs. It's still under the retail price, so I console myself with that.

* My new shipment did arrive yesterday, so I'm all set for the holiday season! It was startling to arrive home to stacks and stacks of boxes on my front porch. The neighbors were probably getting curious. Email me (address on side bar) if you'd like to purchase any for yourself or gifts for this Christmas!

* Some people from my church, who purchased books at the signing, have started to read already and they've either pulled me aside at church or called me to tell me their thoughts. Here is just a bit of what I've heard:

* One lady told me she'd only read the first day, but she loved seeing Mary in a new light, and she couldn't wait to read the rest of the book. (Trying to pace herself, she said.)

* A sweet older lady told me she already read the whole thing and she will read it again at Christmas. (I consider it a compliment that someone would read it twice in one year.)

* Our worship leader, who has energy beyond anything I could ever hope to possess, left me an enthusiastic voicemail yesterday, in which she said she'd started to read and wanted me to know "It's like a real book! By a real author! Like you would find in a real bookstore!" I just laughed and laughed at that. I feel a bit like Pinocchio!

* Last night, another sweetie pulled me aside and said she'd started to read it and her favorite line, which she said drew her in for the whole book, was from day one, where I wrote, "did He grow within her heart even as He grew beneath it?" I loved hearing the exact words she loved the most.

So that's what I'm hearing in the land of book reviews. Email me your thoughts if you've read...or when you do. I definitely want to know!

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