Sunday, August 29, 2010

Book Signing!

Today I had another first as a first book signing!

My church (as you could see from the last post and the article that ran in the newsletter last month) is filled with an incredibly supportive bunch of people. Today they showered me with all sorts of love in hosting a book signing luncheon for me!

They put a picture of the cover of my book on the front of the bulletin, even! WOW! And at the end of the service, Pat, who organized the whole thing, took me to the front of the church and introduced me as an author. She asked me some questions about the book itself and how I came to write it.

I was so thankful that she had specific questions for me and I didn't have to come up with things myself! Public speaking is still part of this whole gig that I'm not entirely comfortable with!

After church concluded, we moved into the fellowship hall, which had been transformed into an Advent wonderland! All the tables had pictures of my book cover, and a host of nativity scenes to decorate it as well! I had my own little table where I could sign...

Some of the decorations...

At my signing table!

Some people did their Christmas shopping, so I was busy with a stack of books...signing away!

My friend Sara - we were in high school together. :) I like to think we've improved since those days!

Another friend - Leah Joyce. She's a sweet and spunky lady. Love her!

Our pastor, Jesse. He's been a great supporter of my writing.

And here I am with Pat, whose hard work made it all possible!

I truly had a blast at the signing. Loved getting to talk to everyone...loved seeing the book going out into even more homes. Can't wait to hear what these folks think when they read it! :)


  1. That looks like so much fun.

    God bless

  2. Thaanks for stopping by, Aimee!! It was, indeed, very fun! Loved it!