Monday, September 20, 2010

"Book Tour" Stop One

A friend of mine at church likes to tease me about my book tour. But I guess now I can say it officially exists!

This past Sunday I was invited to speak at the church where my Dad preaches: Hazel Dell Friends. It is the most darling little white church building out in the middle of some cornfields. Actually it reminded me very much of the church building in Runaway Bride. But, as I noted in an email yesterday, I didn't have a FedEx truck waiting outside to cart me away.

The congregation is small, but they were so warm and welcoming. I really appreciated their non-bored looks as I spoke and the questions they asked when I got through my pages of notes. Oh yes. There were pages of notes. I had asked Dad ahead of time what he wanted me to speak about, and he gave me some suggestions!

Some of the things they asked me after I completed my part were: Would I ever consider writing for children? Would I prefer to write full time if I had the opportunity? When did I start writing? What was my first piece ever published? Kind of interesting to be on the spot like that!

My favorite part of the whole day was this beautiful surprise they organized for me! This is my dear friend Lindsey. She was a student worker in our office right after I graduated from college (a.k.a. we're basically the same age). She and I became good friends during her time there, as often tends to happen with the student workers and me. I served cake at her wedding reception a few years ago...and now she is the mom of a beautiful little boy!
Anyway, Mom and Dad found out someone in their church works with Lindsey, so they invited her, her husband, and her son to visit the church to hear me. When I walked in (late...had another church service I had to attend earlier that day) and sat down with Mom, she pointed across the aisle and said, "Look who's here." I had NO idea who to expect, but I sure didn't anticipate seeing my Linz! Dad even stopped church so we could have a big ole hug right there in the aisle!
It was wonderful to see her - and her little boy even gave me a huge hug and kiss! Guess he's not too shy. :)

So that was book tour - stop one. Thanks, Hazel Dell, for a great morning!

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