Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Journey of a Dream

I've shared these pictures on my main blog...but I thought I would compile them here in one post, so you could see how the final piece of this journey unfolded.

In February, I compiled my manuscript, my author photo, my cover choice, and some other forms onto this CD and put it in the mail to WestBow press. I treasured that moment, as I thought back over the months it took me to write the book...more months editing it...more months praying over it and pondering a way to take it outside my little world and into a bigger one...all those months of labor finally delivered onto a tiny CD.

Fast forward to June....when I signed the final forms saying I'd looked over and over the book and was ready for it to go to print...

And I faxed them in! I admit to a tiny scream when I pushed send on that fax. I hoped I had it all right!

In early July, I got the news I'd waited to hear! The book was live for purchase! I immediately went to the WestBow website and saw this beautiful screen staring at me:

And then came the day when I got to see it in the hard copy form for the very first time! (I was at the lake...sorry for the hair...)

Opening the book....couldn't wait to see inside!

My book!! Not so award-winning hair.....definitely an award winning sense of relief and smile!

The first shipment - what a gorgeous sight!

And my first autograph!

What a dream come true! I've loved each step and am excited to see what comes next!